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Background Checks for Law Firms

Background investigations provide the answers required to fulfill due diligence requirements. Spending nominal money on this initial service has eliminated substantial financial damages. Thus, Diva Detective Investigations utilizes this critical tool to protect the interests of our clientele in the highest caliber concerning hiring new employees and defending Workers’ Compensation Cases.


Diva Detective is a licensed Private Detective who would love an opportunity to work with you.


For over a decade, we have been revealing records that pre-employment screening companies miss when conducting Background Checks, saving employers and insurance companies a substantial amount of money in litigation by impeaching the credibility of applicants.


Diva Detective Investigations introduced this service into law firms to defend employers and insurance companies against fraudulent cases, which led to rescinded psychiatric allegations and, in other cases, the dismissal of Workers’ Compensation Claims entirely at the request of a Judge.


As you likely know, pre-employment screening companies often solely conduct surface Background Checks on applicants by utilizing information displayed on their Application for Employment. They either utilize third parties to obtain portions of Public Records, which are usually mishandled hand me downs, or they use minimal information provided to obtain their own, both of which will not reveal the true background of an applicant. Thus, when searching for Criminal Records by using only a name and date of birth, a conviction may appear as the applicant's name is common when, in fact, he or she has no Criminal Records. In the alternative, and in most instances, no Criminal Records may be found on an applicant who has an extensive rap sheet or is a fugitive as the pre-employment screening company has no access to knowing the applicant's alias(es), true date of birth and/or only referred to one Court as opposed to Countywide, Statewide or even at all.


Licensed Private Detectives have access to Privileged Records, which will reveal an applicant's true identity, to ensure the most accurate search of any and all Criminal Records that may exist on him or her, in addition to their Professional Licenses, Sex Offenses, Weapons Permits, Driver's Licenses, Registered Motor Vehicles, Liens/Judgments, Bankruptcies, People at Work, Assets, Address and Phone Number Histories, Associates, Relatives and Neighbors.


Diva Detective Investigations utilizes several identifiers to first verify an applicant's identity and all known aliases, dates of birth and counties of residence referenced within our Comprehensive Background Investigation Reports, which includes the above referenced records, before searching for Criminal Records within the past 10 years. We can provide you with complete backgrounds of an applicant, likely for a fraction of the price that you are paying for Public Records, and our turn around time is only 24 to 48 hours, whereas others are several weeks. We have even added Social Media and Wokers' Compensation Background Checks to our packages to ensure you are fully apprised of exactly who you are dealing with. We are extremely thorough, accurate, prompt and professional. Further, we can minimize or eliminate claims filed against your company.


In sum, most Background Checks are not conducted properly and employers are hiring applicants who have criminal histories, which your company or your clientele may be liable for. However, should they file Workers' Compensation Cases, Diva Detective Investigations can help minimize settlements by exposing their past. Why not save lots of time and money by hiring a Licensed Private Detective to conduct your Background Checks?


Prices may be adjusted depending upon the volume of potential business you send our way. Please note, we consider every client unique and are always flexible in drafting protocol that will suit you.